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warmly welcome you! 

We want you to progress and to be permanently up to date with the latest technical developments! That is why we have agreed on a cooperation with a very promising start-up, www.online-Constellation-Board.com.

And here is the offer: You will receive free access to the online-Constellation-board for the entire duration of your training and further education at Feld-Institute.

How does it work?

  1. Click here to register at www.online-Constellation-Board.com This will grant you access to your personal dashboard in which you can organize your account and all of your Constellation-board sessions.
  2. Fill in the form on this page below and online-Constellation-Board will we update your account at www.online-Constellation-Board.com with an unlimited "Premium Full Version" subscription for the duration of your training and further education with Feld-Institute.
  3. Wait until you receive confirmation of the activation by e-mail and everything is done!

    ... because there is magic in every new beginning....

  4. At the end of your training and further education, Feld-Institute will give you an additional free one-month to say goodbye and to help you get started!

    ... because there is a new beginning in every end...


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