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Visual communication is essential in the world of training, lecturing and education. The online-Constellation-Board is a ground-breaking tool that enables trainers and speakers to present complex topics in a clear, engaging and interactive way. This tool not only allows information to be communicated effectively, but also generates deep understanding and joyful engagement from the audience. With its visual elements and interactive features, the online-Constellation-Board makes difficult concepts tangible, optimising the learning and understanding processes.

The importance of educational institutions in the development of specialists and managers is becoming increasingly recognised. The online-Constellation-Board paves the way for future-orientated learning methods that have the potential to permanently change the educational landscape.


For trainers and lecturers

With the online-Constellation-Board, you can create presentations that are not only captivating, but also intensify the learning process in the long term. Complex topics are made tangible and understandable using visual aids. The interactive nature of the tool encourages active participation and ensures that your message is remembered for a long time. Every presentation becomes an unforgettable experience.


For students

The online-Constellation-Board enables you to create 3D mindmaps that anchor knowledge permanently in your memory. Develop your notes in an innovative way, capture open questions quickly and efficiently. The online-Constellation-Board makes learning even more effective!


For educational institutes

Our special conditions for educational institutions are designed to facilitate access to this powerful technology. The online-Constellation-Board can be seamlessly integrated into curricula and enables trainers and lecturers to significantly improve the learning process. By visualising concepts, students and participants achieve a deeper understanding and more sustainable knowledge acquisition. Our platform encourages collaboration and creates a dynamic learning environment that enhances the success of educational institutions.


Advantages of the online-Constellation-Board for training and counselling:

  • Interactive learning environment: Active participation promotes in-depth understanding and long-term memory.
  • Clear visualisation of complex content: Makes it easier to understand and memorise even difficult concepts.
  • Effective communication: Trainers and consultants can convey their messages clearly and convincingly.
  • Flexible customisation: Versatile use for a wide range of training content and objectives.
  • Special conditions for educational institutions: Support through special conditions to facilitate access to our tool.

The online-Constellation-Board is more than just a visualisation tool - it is a reliable partner for anyone who wants to be successful in the world of training and education. Harness the power of visualisation and revolutionise your teaching methods with our innovative technology.

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