Take screenshot with one click

A feature that is particularly often requested is the ability to document the current state of work with a single click by taking a screenshot.

And again the motto of the online-constellation-board team is:

“You wish – we play!”

By clicking the “Save screenshot” button (camera icon at the bottom right of the window), the window in which the online-constellation-board is running is immediately photographed and saved as a universally usable format png.

Depending on the browser, clicking this button opens another window where you can select the location of the screenshot.

Conveniently, the system remembers which storage location was selected and suggests this file folder again for the next screenshot. It therefore makes sense to create a folder for the client in advance of the consultation in which all screenshots are then stored so that they can be sent collectively to the client at the end of the consultation.

It is also not necessary to pay attention to the documentation of the order of these screenshots. The system suggests a name that is composed as follows:

here is an example:

2021-08-20-162032-My good way to achieve goal-online-constellation-board.com.png

Of course, we have also thought about the creation of the image: only information important for the client is stored! All control elements and all other browser tabs are hidden. Only the consulting room in the background (if it was displayed at the time of recording) and the name of the board are shown together with the board and all figures.

… but that goes without saying…

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