This is how the online-constellation-board works.

Sometimes you need a little jump start - and here we are!

Here you will find useful information about the registration process, use and operation of the online-constellation-board.

How to register for the online-constellation-board

We'll guide you through the registration process and the rest of the signups. Read more in our printable Quick Start Guide in PDF format.

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Get the key to virtual practice

Do it like many other consultants and coaches, constellators and trainers, psychologists and supervisors. It's not only the key to your online practice, it's also the key to a whole new counseling life!

First steps with the online-constellation-board

After registration you will find instructions under the Help section in the dashboard- we will show you how to create a session, conduct consultations and find your way around the dashboard.

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It is recommended to work slowly. Perform the clicks and movements carefully and give the system enough time to react. Depending on the internet connection, the system may react with a short delay to your impulses.

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You have further questions about the online-constellation-board?

Please let us know if you miss anything in the instructions or if there is anything else we can do to help you work with your online-constellation-board. We are already looking forward to your message and conscientiously monitor the inbox of

Prices and booking options for the online-constellation-board

Whether you want to get to know us without obligation, visit us again and again or permanently change your practice address, your online-constellation-board welcomes you and your clients!

Free trial

0 €

  • no time limit
  • ATTENTION: Sessions can not be saved
  • no hidden costs

Premium subscription

33 € / month 1 € in the first month

  • just 1 € in the first month
  • the first 3 hours for free
  • infinite sessions
  • with annual payment only 348€ / year

Premium hourly

5 € / hour

  • the first 3 hours for free
  • Payment by time used
  • full cost control
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NEW! The online-constellation-board ACADEMY

Learn from experienced practitioners how to use the online-constellation-board to provide the best possible support to your clients.

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