Special figure “Wizard’

Again and again a special factor is needed in a constellation or visualization. Something that is completely different, just extraordinary. It is often the case that this factor is beyond our complete control. An excellent example is the 5th position in the tetralemma. As a free element, it is not subject to anything or anyone and can also move freely on the board. That is why we have extended the choice of figures on the #onlinesystem board by the “wizard”. The wizard is a first special figure with very special properties:

  • there is only one wizard in the figurine depot (he is just something special)
  • the wizard is the way he is – you can’t change his size (he is just special)
  • the wizard is perfect in itself – you can not change its color (he is just special)

What could the wizard be then now? The smart knowing one – That what the outside view brings in – That what we are missing here – The forming energy – …

Oh, by the way: All who know us know that the wizard is of course at the same time a male, female and has not gender at all!

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