send sessions

sitzungen versenden

In case you haven’t noticed yet: Now it is possible to copy sessions from one account to another! The prerequisite is that both “sender” and “receiver” have an online-constellation-board account. The application possibilities are huge! Here are just a few small examples:

  • Coach A develops a super great template for specific caoching and sends this template to his colleague Coach B for her next coaching session
  • Seminar leader C prepares her next coaching or supervision seminar. She creates archetypal constellations and sends them to all seminar participants
  • Coach D seeks advice and supervision from a colleague. He sends not only screenshots but also the original board of the session with the client to the colleague so that she can get a much better picture herself.
  • In a company that offers coaching, a client is “handed off” from Coach E to Coach F because Coach F is more familiar with the basic subject matter. To do this, Coach E transfers the sessions to Coach F so that he can continue with the client without interruption

As I said – just a few possible applications of the new function. 

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