send sessions

It is now possible to copy sessions from one account to another! The prerequisite for this is that both the “sender” and “recipient” have an online-Constellation-Board account.

How does it work? The sender clicks on the “Share board” button and enters the e-mail address of the online-Constellation-Board account of the recipient. Expert tip: By pressing the “Enter” key, it is also possible to send the board to several recipients at the same time. A short time later, the recipient will see the prompt “Boards have been shared with you” in their dashboard and can now view the board or add it to their own account. ATTENTION: The sender’s and recipient’s boards are NOT connected to each other. They are completely independent boards.

The application possibilities are huge! Here are just a few small examples:

  • Coach A develops a super great template for a specific coaching session and sends this template to his colleague Coach B for her next coaching session
  • Seminar leader C prepares her next coaching or supervision seminar. She creates archetypal constellations and sends them to all seminar participants
  • Coach D seeks advice and supervision from a colleague. He not only sends screenshots but also the original board from the session with the client to his colleague so that she can get a much better picture for herself
  • In a company that offers coaching, a client is “handed over” from Coach E to Coach F because Coach F is more familiar with the basic subject matter. Coach E transfers the sessions to Coach F so that he can continue with the client without interruption

As I said – just a few possible applications of the new function. 

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