Right-click shows figure name

The fact that you can fade in and out the name tags in the online-constellation-board is almost “old hat”. The figure designation also often interferes with the systemic connections of the constellation of a situation to grasp and sense at a glance.

Nevertheless, one would often like to address a figure by its name or its label – especially when it comes to illustrations of complex business topics or tangled family situations. Then again, it would be good to be able to read the label of the figure.

We have again improved the functionality of the online system board:

If you click on any figure WITH THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, not only the context menu but also all figure labels will be displayed – and this as long as the context menu is displayed.

Now it is possible to hide the name tags “in operation” and still get the name of the figure with just a small click.

It is our declared goal to develop the online system board into a highly professional tool for highly professional consultants. This is another step on the way.

See for yourself…

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