Prices and booking options for the online-Constellation-Board

Flexible and just right for YOU: Whether it's a no-obligation trial, use on demand or regular use - your online system board welcomes you!

Premium hourly

8 € / Hour

  • 3 hours for a risk-free trial and easy start as a gift
  • Hours do not expire
  • Pay only what you use - billing to the minute
  • full cost-control
  • for occasional use

Premium subscription

1 € for the first month 48 € / Month

  • Only 1 € for the first month
  • Provide boards for preparation and follow-up
  • Infinite boards for incredible results
  • The risk-free start for professional use

Premium annual subscription

2 months for free 480 € / Year

  • Save 17 % with a one-off payment
  • Get the professional tool for professionals
  • .. with all premium functions
  • ... infinite boards without time limit
  • Regular use pays off - not just in terms of price!

With us, there are no hidden costs or dubious commitment periods. All our subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. If you prefer to work on an hourly basis: once purchased, hours do not expire. A matter of course for us. Because we ourselves are enthusiastic about the online system board and want to inspire you too.

Offers for training institutes and companies

Your requirements are different and require special attention. That's why we have individual offers for training institutes, companies or (non-profit) organisations.

Get in touch with us and take advantage of our personalised advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you interested? Want to find out more?

Then why not take part in one of our next startup trainings? There you will see how we use the power of visualisation with the online-Constellation-Board. We will not only show you the functionalities of the tool, but will also be available to answer all your questions!

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