Outside line now switchable

“What are these outer lines for?” is often asked when working with the online-constellation-board.

If you search the literature, you will come across answers that are somehow obvious: Mostly, these lines are given the meaning “outer limits of the system”. This is just a better way to depict marginal figures and/or outsiders.

However, it has been found that it can be even more helpful to ask the client this question back: “What do YOU think there are lines for here?” Great ideas come out of that! So these lines on the system board really make sense.

However, the online-constellation-board offers application possibilities that go far beyond those of the “presence variant”. As a platform for multi-user constellations, in which each figure is controlled by a representative, the board can also be understood as a virtual space in which the constellation takes place. Then the board lines are not always helpful.

Now Coach can hide these lines on the board with a click, making the room even more connectable!

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