This is how the online-Constellation-Board works

Online counselling - independent of time and place

You arrange to meet your clients online, e.g. in a video session, and you log into the online system board together. It doesn't matter which video conferencing system you use. Whether Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, Whereby or any other system - let your clients decide which system they feel most comfortable and safe with.

In the excellently protected space of the online system board you can work together in safety and use all the technical possibilities.

Working with the online-constellation-board

online-constellation-board from the counsellor's point of view

  • Not only online but more and more also in presence, the online system board is an easy to use and highly effective consulting tool.
  • You communicate with the tool of your choice (e.g. ZOOM, Webex, MS Teams, Whereby, Big Blue Button, ...) with your client.
  • You invite your clients with a link to your virtual practice and to the online system board.
  • You gain safety and creativity because you can use your computer for research during the session (tips, hints, examples, data, processes, systemic questions, content from the internet...).
  • You can record sessions if a client requests it and leave that recording with the client for post-processing.
  • Save sessions and resume them later - on any device.
  • The "look at" feature brings everyone present into a specific board view
  • Work with many people on the board at the same time and create a common picture

online-constellation-board from the client's point of view

  • TOP FEATURE: Look into the system from the inside view of a figure: simply by double-click
  • Easy zooming, moving and rotating of the system board
  • Quick overview with the "helicopter view
  • Name representatives easily with name tags
  • Large selection of figure types for representatives (many different colored figures and objects)
  • Change the size of the representatives at any time
  • There are always enough representatives
  • Easy removal of representatives from the figure pool
  • Easy positioning of the representatives on the board
  • Simple rotation of the figures on the board
  • Direction of view of a representative can be seen at any time
  • Perfect insight into the situation at any time by assuming the "meta position
  • Create prepared boards from well thought-out templates in a flash
  • Duplicate boards and create different versions

The online-constellation-board runs on the following...


Desktop, Tablet, Laptop
The online-constellation-board is currently NOT being developed for use on smartphones.

Desktop Laptop Tablet

Operating systems

Microsoft Windows, Android, as well as Apple and IOS systems.

Windows Laptop Apple & IOS IOS


Compatible with the latest browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Vivaldi.

Edge Firefox Safari Chrome Vivaldi

We put great emphasis on compliance with the DSGVO

Data protection

Our top priority is the security of our customer data. Our servers are protected against access by third parties with extensive measures, because we use the know-how of one of the largest server providers in the world. Our servers are located in Europe without exception.


our data and that of your customers are always protected from the prying eyes of unauthorized persons. You have a secure, private space. The administration interface, all sessions and the communication between server and clients runs over state-of-the-art SSL encryption.

Data security

Permanent backups protect the data from your sessions from being lost. All server states are stored in several generations. So you can concentrate on your work with peace of mind, because your work is safe in every way.
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Get the key to virtual practice

Do it like hundreds of consultants and coaches, constellators and trainers, psychologists and supervisors. The online system board is not only the key to your online practice, it is also the key to a completely new counseling life!

Why counsellors trust the online-constellation-board

I love my international coaching work. In the past, that's exactly what took me a lot, a lot of energy. Today, when travelling has become more costly than ever, I enjoy going into my virtual practice and working with my clients online. No matter whether they are in Germany, Switzerland or Holland. The online-constellation-board makes it possible! It offers such incredible added value!

Axel B.
Board- & Executive Coach

I think it's nice that the board has the same look and feel virtually - if you've already worked with clients, then they know the board too and the transfer to the virtual world is perhaps even easier. I think it already makes a very good impression ... thank you for this opportunity!

Martina S.
Systemic coach from Munich

I was really surprised during the first sessions how emotionaly many of the images had an effect on my clients. I would not have thought it possible that online counselling is even a touch more emotional than face-to-face counselling ...

Gerhard K.
Coach from lower Austria

What a stress it used to be - driving to the airport ... looking for a parking space ... checking in ... arriving ... driving to the client ... then coaching a few slots ... and then all back again ... Travel time: 7 hours; coaching time: a fraction of that ... Today I am one click away from my client ...

Reinhard K.
Business-coach from Salzburg

The online-constellation-board is intuitive and also gives my clients a good feeling right away. This feeling of security naturally also has an effect on me and so a light, relaxed and yet solution-focused atmosphere is created. Almost playful in a way. I can only absolutely recommend it!

Sabine P.
Constellator from Vienna

I attended the constellation-board seminar "Belly meets Brain" with Georg Breiner and Wolfgang Polt. That was years ago and of course it was still a face-to-face seminar. I have fond memories of both of them and the constellation-board has had a permanent place in my practice ever since. Now I have seen that there is an online version of the constellation-board. I have tried it and am thrilled! Simple, intuitive, high quality and highly effective! I love it!

Inga Boll
Systemic consultant from Berlin

Preise und Buchungsoptionen für das online-Systembrett

Flexibel und genau für DICH passend: Ob unverbindliches Testen, Nutzung bei Bedarf oder regelmäßige Nutzung - dein online-Systembrett heißt dich herzlich willkommen!

Premium Stundenweise

8 € / Stunde

  • 3 hours for a risk-free trial and easy start as a gift
  • Hours do not expire
  • Pay only what you use - billing to the minute
  • full cost-control
  • Nutzung im Eins-zu-Eins Setting

Premium Abonnement

1 € for the first month 48 € / Month

  • Only 1 € for the first month
  • Sitzungen zur Vor- und Nachbereitung zur Verfügung stellen
  • Unendliche Sitzungen für unglaubliche Erfolge
  • der risikolose Einstieg für den professionellen Beratungs-Einsatz

Premium Jahresabo

2 Monate geschenkt 480 € / Jahr

  • Save 17 % with a one-off payment
  • .. with all premium functions
  • ... infinite boards without time limit
  • Regular use pays off - not just in terms of price!

Bei uns gibt es weder versteckte Kosten noch unseriöse Bindungsfristen. Alle unsere Abos sind jederzeit kündbar. Falls du lieber im Stundenmodell arbeitest: einmal gekaufte Stunden verfallen natürlich nicht. Für uns völlig selbstverständlich. Weil wir selbst vom online-Systembrett begeistert sind und auch dich begeistern wollen.

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In der online-Systembrett Akademie

Lerne schnell, detailliert und praxisnah die Welt des online-Systembretts und alle seine Einsatzmöglichkeiten kennen. Unsere Vortragenden sind Experten auf ihrem Gebiet und verstehen es hervorragend, ihr Wissen zu vermitteln. Sie achten darauf, dass du dich ständig verbesserst! Denn...

...unser Ziel ist es, DICH erfolgreicher zu machen!

Wir haben hohe Qualitätsansprüche an Inhalte, Vortragende und Studierende. Um diese Qualität auch langfristig zu sichern, haben wir ein Zertifizierungsprogramm aufgesetzt: das online-Systembrett Professional Zertifikat. Vielleicht ein Ziel für dich?


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