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The new release is here: That’s what’s new in July!

And again we have come up with some innovations for you! Here is a first short overview:

  • Improved search in the dashboard
  • Subdivision of the coach menu into participant, process and board control with new functions for the coach:
    ⮚Helicopter view from the coach can be fixed for all.
    ⮚Board line switchable
    ⮚Clear board completely
    ⮚Two different board textures selectable
  • New character Wizard (free element) now available
  • Additional standard view: meta position in context menu
  • Figure depot optimised again in preparation for further figures and colours
  • Display of (hidden) name tags with right click
  • Zooming in and out possible in the inside view
  • Save screenshots with one click

The new release:

We listened carefully to your feedback!


The latest version of the online-Constellation-Board brings a multitude of innovations in all areas of the user experience. Some of them are groundbreaking changes. We highlighted them in particular. Here is just a short list. You can find all the details and particulars at the “help-button” on your dashboard.


  • coach window” and “client window
    = different views for coaches and clients. 
  • In the coach window: explicit coach menu for improved process and board control for coaches.
  • “Exit” button to leave the session
  • Multi-line name badges enabled
  • Permanent display of all participants present in the room
  • Resizing and standard views animated
  • Talking pictures as icons
  • New, optimized interface design
  • New, much more generic coaching room
  • Stability, loading speed and browser compatibility greatly improved

Board & Figures

  • Faces on figures can be toggled on/off (figures without faces have no Inside view)
  • Figure directly changeable
    – shape
    – colour
    – face on/off
  • Nine instead of five figure sizes selectable
  • New figure depot with multi-step selection – in preparation for further figures and colours
  • Viewing angle indicator for each figure
  • Redesign of texture and appearance of board and figures
  • Refined zooming in and out of the board
  • Multi-user mode: figures move continuously and in real time with everyone present

Process & Handling

  • Inside view: separate functions for
    – just look around
    – turn oneself
    – ! move inside the figure on the board !
  • “Look here” function can be rejected
  • Pop-up menu at each figure:
    – Update nametag
    – Inside view
    – Change figure
    – Say goodbye
  • New standard view “Helicopter” shows the board from the top view
  • New coach function: set all or certain players to observation mode
  • Figures can be rotated directly on the viewpoint indicator

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