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And again there are some adjustments and optimisations! These are the highlights:

  • Surfaces can now be locked - simply select the corresponding option in the action menu (right mouse button on figure) to lock or unlock. This way you can no longer move them unintentionally and if you wish they remain when you empty the board. This is particularly helpful if you want to divide the board into different areas with the help of the surfaces - and create a template for this.
  • Moving in the inner view is switchable by the coach. Since some clients are overwhelmed with this functionality, we have now made it switchable as well. Turning and looking around with the left or right mouse button is still available even when the function is switched off. Another advantage is that the buttons in the interior view are hidden and the view is now even better.
  • Figure types deactivated by the coach (special figures, helpers) are hidden. This way, they can still be introduced and used at the appropriate point in the process - but do not cause irritation for the client at the beginning if displayed options cannot be selected.

This has made working with the online-constellation-board a little easier and more intuitive again..... We are looking forward to your feedback!

The year 2022 brings the most far-reaching improvements since the first release of the online-constellation-board!

General news

We start a fundamental reorientation and equip the coach with much more creative possibilities. In teh future, he/she will be able to shape the counselling process even more precisely and offer the atmosphere, the board and the range of figures and elements in exactly the right way at exactly the right moment. In order for the setting to be the same for all participants when working with families, groups and teams, the coach can set some basic environmental variables for everyone, but he/she can change them EVERY TIME - even during the joint work on the board.

Board settings that the coach can now set for everyone in the room:

  • Choice of background (3D or monochrome).
  • if background is single-coloured: colour of the background
  • Availability of special characters
  • Availability of the extended toolbox (helpers)
  • Lines on the board
  • Texture of the board
  • Fix helicopter view for all (work in 2D mode)

ATTENTION! The "Background On/Off" button has been removed from the main screen for both coach and coachee. The coachee no longer has the option to individually show and hide the background. This is now centrally controlled and set by the coach - happily in consultation with all those present at the board. These controls are now in the coach menu, in the "Board Settings" tab, which can be opened via the button at the bottom right of the main window.

Although the new 3D space more than lives up to the trend of the times, we still believe that the maximum power of the online-constellation-board lies in the reduction to the essentials, the work with essences. That is why we have greatly expanded the range of possible background colours.

News on the board

  • Create figures anywhere on the board.
    This is how it works: Right-click anywhere on the board and select the desired figure from the context menu.
  • The new helper menu: A whole treasure chest of new figures and helpers
    This is how it works: Click on the "Helferlein" button in the main window on the left and select category or element
  • Glass marbles
  • Wall elements
  • Rings
  • Letterable areas in different sizes and colours (in the menu "Helpers")
  • Whether the helpers and/or the special figures are offered or not can be determined individually in the coach menu.
  • This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the main window. Then click on the button "Control process" in the top right-hand corner. Set the slide switch for "Little helpers" or "Special figures" to red or green.
  • New special figure "Octahedron" in gold and silver
  • "Standard figures" now in gold and silver
  • Cones in gold and silver
  • Rollers in gold and silver
  • Cuboids in gold and silver
  • More than one of the special figures can now be created
  • The gnome is now adjustable in size
  • Simple duplication of figures via the context menu
    This is how it works: Right-click on a figure and select "Copy figure" in the context menu
  • Improved metaposition
    (Now the nameplate of a figure is hidden while you are in its meta position)
  • Even more figure colours to choose from (turquoise, purple)

Advanced functions in the coach menu:

  • Many different lines possible on the board (circles, squares, diagonals, normals)
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the main window. Then click on the "Control process" button at the top right. Switch on the desired line type/shape with the slide switch (red-green) and arrange it on the board with the slider.
  • Special figures and helpers can be switched separately
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the main window. Then click on the "Control process" button at the top right. Set the slide switch for "Helpers" or "Special figures" to red or green.
  • New 3D space and background colour now selectable when 3D space is switched off
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach Menu" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the main window. Then click on the "Board settings" button at the top right. If the slide switch at "Background" is set to red and thus the single-coloured background is displayed, select the colour of the background by clicking on the corresponding colour field.
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... and again we have made some small improvements!

  • Special figures are now switchable by coach
    The online system board is now fully executable on tablets
  • We have adjusted the sizes of the dice
  • The font of the nameplates has become even better

And again we have implemented some suggestions from our customers:

  • New special figures (dices)  now available
  • Board also available in Spanish
  • Watch this now available in the inside view 
  • Background and name tags can also be switched on/off in the inside view
  • The last settings are automatically saved for the coach per board
  • Creating a screenshot is now even easier - simply press the S button.
  • Possibility to copy boards in the dashboard - this allows templates to be created as well as intermediate statuses to be saved at any time!

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The new release is here: Here's what's new in July!

And again we have come up with some innovations for you! Here is a first brief overview:

  • Improved search in the dashboard
  • Subdivision of the coach menu into participant, process and board control with
    new functions for the coach:
    ⮚Helicopter view from the coach fixable for all.
    ⮚Board line switchable
    ⮚Clear board completely
    ⮚Two different board textures selectable
  • New character Wichtel (free element) now available
  • Additional standard view: meta position in context menu
  • Figure depot optimised again in preparation for further figures and colours
  • Display of (hidden) name tags with right click
  • Zooming in and out possible in the inside view
  • Save screenshots with one click

News from May: We have listened to you well!

The latest version of the online-constellation-board brings a host of innovations to all areas of the user experience. Some of them are groundbreaking changes. We have highlighted them in particular.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, we are - as always - very happy to help.
Just send an email at and we'll be on the spot!

General information

  • „Coach window" and "client window" = different views for coaches and clients.
  • In the coach window: explicit coach menu for process and board control for coaches
  • "Exit" button to leave the session
  • Multi-line name tags enabled
  • Permanent display of all people present in the room
  • Resizing and standard views have been animated
  • Talking images as icons
  • New, optimised surface design
  • New, still much more generic coaching space
  • Stability, loading speed and browser compatibility greatly improved

Board & Figures

  • Faces on figures activatable(figures without faces have no inside view)
  • figur directly modifiable
    – form
    – colour
    – face on/off
  • Nine instead of five figure sizes selectable
  • New figure depot with multi-level selection - in preparation for more figures and colours
  • Viewing angle indicator for each figure
  • Redesign of texture and appearance of board and figures
  • Zooming in and out of the board refined
  • Multi-user mode: figures move continuously and in real time with everyone present

Process & Operation

  • Internal view: separate functions for
    just look around
    turn itself
    ! move in the figure on the board !
  • "Look" function can be rejected
  • Context menu for every figure:
    – rename figure
    – inside view
    – change figure
    – "say goodbye" to a figure
  • New standard view "Helicopter" takes the board to its zenith
  • New coach function: put all or individual attendees in observation mode
  • Figures can be rotated directly on the angle of view indicator
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