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Innovations February 2024:

Stacking order of areas can now be changed as required

The areas can now be stacked in any order. They are created one above the other when they are created. And with the right mouse button (context menu) you can simply send the areas all the way up or all the way down.

This makes you even more flexible when designing templates and standard formats!

Transparent figures

Transparent figures offer a multitude of new possibilities:

Disguised? Veiled? Concealed? Mixed up?
Taking the 'weight' out of elements
Seeing what is 'behind'
Making 'spirits' visible
Making visible what the 'innermost core' is

YOU and your clients are sure to come up with even more!

Transparent helpers

Of course, all helpers can also become transparent. This is particularly interesting for blockades/partition walls.

Transparent areas

The new transparent areas offer two advantages. Not only can the 'intersections' now be made visible using transparent areas. The surface colour can be varied in many ways by arranging transparent areas over other coloured transparent or full-colour areas.

Coach switches labels for all

From now on, the coach will take over the fading in and out of name tags. One less thing for the client to worry about.

Areas and figure-labels can be switched separately

The nametags can now also be switched separately - depending on whether you only want to switch the surface labelling or the nametags of figures and helpers. And of course you can still switch all signs on or off at once.The nametags can now also be switched separately - depending on whether you only want to switch the surface labelling or the nametags of figures and helpers. And of course you can still switch all signs on or off at once.

Snap-in points for precise rotation of all elements

The slider for rotating figures, areas and helpers has now been given 'snap-in points'. Simply click and the element is rotated by 45/90/135 or 180 degrees in one direction or the other. This means that it is now also possible to rotate a figure by 180 degrees in the process - with a single mouse click.

Move multiple elements together

You can now move a group of elements together to a new location! Simply hold down the CTRL key (the control key on Apple devices) and click on the desired figures one after the other and move them (together) while still holding down the key. Just give it a try!

Helper in figure colours

As requested, the little helpers are now also available in all figure colours (except gold/silver). This means that there is now not only a matching area for each figure, but also the matching little helpers.

Selectable starting directions of the figures

Especially for the constellators among you, we have now finally created the option of creating the figures with the direction of view towards the centre of the board again. Simply flip the corresponding switch in the process tab of the coach menu - and off you go!

Board lines in own coach menu tab

The board lines have been moved to their own menu, so that everything remains great and clear and space has been created for new functions in the process tab.

Boards set to 'Released' by default

Another optimisation of the processes that we have implemented: If you now create a new board, you don't have to switch it to 'Shared' first. As long as nobody has the board link and password, nobody can access the board anyway. So that's one less step to think about when working with clients.

Preview images are also transferred when sharing

From now on, the coach will take over the fading in and out of name tags. One less thing for the client to worry about.

'Secret function' for any background colour

We thought long and hard about which background colours we should offer you when the room is hidden. Now we've found the solution: Simply choose the colour that suits you! Simply tick the colour you selected first in the selection field - and choose the colour you want.

Minor optical optimisations

The menus have all been made a little clearer and more organised. Roundings are now a little rounder and minor display errors have been corrected by optimised display sequences. Thanks to the many little helper colours, the divider is now BEFORE the cubes in the menu so that it doesn't have to be searched for so long. And we have also simply corrected everything else that was not or no longer coherent for us.

2024 brings many improvements and new functions right from the start.

New dashboard design

The look and feel of the Coach interface and dashboard has not only been adapted in terms of colour. After a short period of familiarisation, we're sure you'll agree with us - everything is now much clearer and more logically arranged. All buttons are labelled with clear icons as well as text, so there's no more guessing what each button does.

Another small improvement: The number of boards saved in your dashboard is now displayed at the top left of your dashboard next to "My boards".

Board preview images on the dashboard

You will now see a preview image in the dashboard when you take a screenshot of the board. The last screenshot taken is always used for the preview. This means you can find the desired session or template even faster!

ATTENTION: The preview image is only updated when you refresh the browser in your dashboard. Such a "reload" is generated in most browsers with "F5" or "Ctrl+R".

Name prompt when creating elements

As we consider the naming of elements to be very important, we have changed the figure creation process slightly. After selecting an element, you are now automatically asked for the name. If an element is not to be given a name, you can simply skip the entry by pressing the Enter key or clicking on the 'Next' button. Why not give it a try!

And if you don't like this new process at all, you can of course switch the setting off again via the coach menu, in which case the process will work as usual. Please give the new version a chance, even if it's unfamiliar at first - and let us know what you think!

New features for the area sizes

Areas are increasingly becoming a central point when working with the online-Constellation-Board. Reason enough for us to devote our full attention to the areas!

From now on, even more sizes are available for all areas - making design even more flexible and easier. Instead of just 9, you can now choose between 21 surface sizes for every need.
We have also significantly increased the maximum size of the areas. There are now areas that are as large as the entire board.
We have also synchronised the surface sizes between the individual sizes and the different surface types.

Triangles as surfacesas areas

Long wished for, now they are finally here: Equilateral triangles are now also available as areas.

Redesign area selection

So that everything remains simple and clear, the areas have been moved from the helpers to their own menu. And of course, you can now also switch areas and/or helpers on or off separately via the coach menu - just like special figures. This means you can always offer your clients exactly what the process needs.

More colours for little helpers

And while we're on the subject of little helpers: These are now available in EVEN more colours, so that there is even more choice and you can always choose the right object.

Colour display in preview improved

We have also optimised the selection menus for the colour preview so that the colour in the preview now corresponds exactly to the actual colour on the board. However, due to different lighting on the board, a small deviation will always be possible.

Improved selection of ring

We have also improved the rings. They are now even easier to select and place precisely.

Oktahedron - now with inside-view

The octahedron has always been something very special. To make it even more versatile, it now also has an orientation and therefore an Inside view on request. In order not to disturb the great effect of this figure, the orientation is only marked by a fine black line - which is nevertheless clearly visible, even from a helicopter perspective.

ALLE elements lockable

Especially with complex templates and elaborate scenarios, figures have often been moved by mistake in the past. You can now remedy this! Not only the areas, but also all figures and helpers can now be locked by the coach and, of course, unlocked again at any time. All locked figures, areas and helpers are retained when the board is deleted if desired. This function can therefore also be utilised wonderfully in process design. And so that you can see at a glance whether the selected element is locked or not, the 'Unlock' menu item is now highlighted in black when you right-click on the element. We try to think of everything!

Better arranged coach menu

The Coach menu has also been revised so that you can easily find your way around even more functions. Everything is now a little leaner and clearer. We hope you like it!

Increased number of board lines

As the board templates are becoming more and more varied, we have decided to increase the number of possible circles, squares and board lines horizontally and vertically. Now you should also have sufficient options when displaying a complex matrix.

Room furniture can be hidden

Another new function that many have been waiting for: From now on, you can not only switch the entire 3D room on and off, you can also use it with or without furniture as you wish. This means that nothing distracts you from the board in the 3D room - and the feeling of being in a practice room remains. The elements that are often valuable in coaching, such as the window or the door, also remain.

We will gradually introduce you to all the new functions and their possible uses in our newsletter. So if you haven't subscribed to it yet - now is a really good opportunity!

And another two new functions for all our customers:

Improved name display

The name of the currently selected figure is now always clearly displayed in the centre at the bottom of the screen. This makes it even easier to keep an overview - even when the name tags are switched off and in the Inside view.

Sending sessions

We have given the online-Constellation-Board an ingenious new function.

It is now possible to copy sessions from one account to another! The prerequisite for this is that both the "sender" and the "recipient" have an online-Constellation-Board account. The application possibilities are huge! Here are just a few small examples:

Coach A develops a super great template for a specific coaching session and sends this template to his colleague Coach B for her next coaching session
Seminar leader C prepares her next coaching or supervision seminar. She creates archetypal constellations and sends them to all seminar participants
Coach D seeks advice and supervision from a colleague. He not only sends screenshots but also the original board of the session with the client to the colleague so that she can get a much better picture for herself
In a company that offers coaching, a client is "handed over" from Coach E to Coach F because Coach F is more familiar with the basic subject matter. Coach E transfers the sessions to Coach F so that he can continue with the client without interruption

As I said - just a few possible applications of the new function

Ingenious, isn't it?

And again there are some adjustments and optimisations! These are the highlights:

  • Surfaces can now be locked - simply select the corresponding option in the action menu (right mouse button on figure) to lock or unlock. This way you can no longer move them unintentionally and if you wish they remain when you empty the board. This is particularly helpful if you want to divide the board into different areas with the help of the surfaces - and create a template for this.
  • Moving in the inner view is switchable by the coach. Since some clients are overwhelmed with this functionality, we have now made it switchable as well. Turning and looking around with the left or right mouse button is still available even when the function is switched off. Another advantage is that the buttons in the interior view are hidden and the view is now even better.
  • Figure types deactivated by the coach (special figures, helpers) are hidden. This way, they can still be introduced and used at the appropriate point in the process - but do not cause irritation for the client at the beginning if displayed options cannot be selected.

This has made working with the online-constellation-board a little easier and more intuitive again..... We are looking forward to your feedback!

The year 2022 brings the most far-reaching improvements since the first release of the online-Constellation-Board!

General news

We are embarking on a fundamental reorganisation and equipping the coach with significantly more creative options. In future, he/she will be able to shape the counselling process even more precisely and offer the atmosphere, the board and the range of figures and elements at exactly the right moment and in exactly the right way. To ensure that the setting is the same for all participants when working with families, groups and teams, the coach can set some basic environmental variables for everyone, which he/she can change at ANY TIME - even while working together on the board.

Board settings that the coach can now set for everyone in the room:

  • Choice of background (3D or monochrome)
  • If background is monochrome: Colour of the background
  • Availability of special figures
  • Availability of the extended toolbox (little helpers)
  • Lines on the board
  • Texture of the board
  • Fix helicopter view for all (working in 2D mode)

ATTENTION: The "Background on/off" button has been removed from the main screen for both Coach and Coachee. Coachee no longer has the option to show and hide the background individually. This is now controlled and set centrally by Coach - also in consultation with all those present at the board. These controls are now in the Coach menu, in the "Board settings" tab, which can be opened via the button at the bottom right of the main window.

Although the new 3D room more than lives up to the trend of the times, we still believe that the maximum power of the online-Constellation-Board lies in the reduction to the essentials, working with essences. That is why we have greatly expanded the selection of possible background colours.

News on the board

  • Create pieces anywhere on the board
    This is how it works: Right-click anywhere on the board and select the desired figure from the context menu
  • The new little helper menu: A whole treasure trove of new pieces and helpers
    This is how it works: Click on the "Helpers" button on the left of the main window and select a category or element

    • Glass marbles
    • Wall elements
    • Rings
  • Inscribable surfaces in various sizes and colours (in the "Helpers" menu)
  • Whether or not the little helpers and/or special figures are offered can be customised in the Coach menu
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button at the bottom right of the main window. Then click on the "Control process" button at the top right. Set the slide switch for "Helpers" or "Special figures" to red or green.
  • New special figure "Octahedron" in gold and silver
    • "Standard figures" now in gold and silver
      • Cones in gold and silver
      • Rollers in gold and silver
      • Cuboid in gold and silver
    • More than one of the special figures can now be created
    • The wizard is now adjustable in size
    • Easy duplication of figures via context menu
      This is how it works: Right-click on a figure and select "Copy figure" in the context menu
    • Improved meta position
      (Now the nameplate of a figure is hidden while you are inside the figure's meta position)
    • Even more figure colours to choose from (turquoise, purple)

Erweiterte Funktionen im Coachmenü:

  • Many different lines possible on the board (circles, squares, diagonals, normals)
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button at the bottom right of the main window. Then click on the "Control process" button at the top right. Switch on the desired line type/shape with the slide switch (red-green) and arrange it on the board with the slide control
  • Special figures and helpers can be switched on separately
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button at the bottom right of the main window. Then click on the "Control process" button at the top right. Set the slide switch for "Helpers" or "Special figures" to red or green.
  • New 3D room and background colour can now be selected when the 3D room is switched off
    This is how it works: Click on the "Coach menu" button at the bottom right of the main window. Then click on the "Board settings" button at the top right. If the slide switch for "Background" is set to red and the single-colour background is therefore displayed, select the colour of the background by clicking on the corresponding colour field.

SO THAT YOU NEVER MISS ANYTHING: Subscribe to our newsletter and you will always be up to date, because our newsletter subscribers receive some information much earlier than everyone else...

... and again we have made some small improvements!

  • Special figures are now switchable by coach
    The online system board is now fully executable on tablets
  • We have adjusted the sizes of the dice
  • The font of the nameplates has become even better

And again we have implemented some suggestions from our customers:

  • New special figures (dices)  now available
  • Board also available in Spanish
  • Watch this now available in the inside view 
  • Background and name tags can also be switched on/off in the inside view
  • The last settings are automatically saved for the coach per board
  • Creating a screenshot is now even easier - simply press the S button.
  • Possibility to copy boards in the dashboard - this allows templates to be created as well as intermediate statuses to be saved at any time!

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The new release is here: Here's what's new in July!

And again we have come up with some innovations for you! Here is a first brief overview:

  • Improved search in the dashboard
  • Subdivision of the coach menu into participant, process and board control with
    new functions for the coach:
    ⮚Helicopter view from the coach fixable for all.
    ⮚Board line switchable
    ⮚Clear board completely
    ⮚Two different board textures selectable
  • New character Wichtel (free element) now available
  • Additional standard view: meta position in context menu
  • Figure depot optimised again in preparation for further figures and colours
  • Display of (hidden) name tags with right click
  • Zooming in and out possible in the inside view
  • Save screenshots with one click

News from May: We have listened to you well!

The latest version of the online-constellation-board brings a host of innovations to all areas of the user experience. Some of them are groundbreaking changes. We have highlighted them in particular.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, we are - as always - very happy to help.
Just send an email at and we'll be on the spot!

Extended functions in the coach menu:

  • „Coach window" and "client window" = different views for coaches and clients.
  • In the coach window: explicit coach menu for process and board control for coaches
  • "Exit" button to leave the session
  • Multi-line name tags enabled
  • Permanent display of all people present in the room
  • Resizing and standard views have been animated
  • Talking images as icons
  • New, optimised surface design
  • New, still much more generic coaching space
  • Stability, loading speed and browser compatibility greatly improved

Extended functions in the coach menu:

  • Faces on figures activatable(figures without faces have no inside view)
  • figur directly modifiable
    – form
    – colour
    – face on/off
  • Nine instead of five figure sizes selectable
  • New figure depot with multi-level selection - in preparation for more figures and colours
  • Viewing angle indicator for each figure
  • Redesign of texture and appearance of board and figures
  • Zooming in and out of the board refined
  • Multi-user mode: figures move continuously and in real time with everyone present

Extended functions in the coach menu:

  • Inside view: separate functions for
    just look around
    turn itself
    ! move in the figure on the board !
  • "Look" function can be rejected
  • Context menu for every figure:
    – rename figure
    – inside view
    – change figure
    – "say goodbye" to a figure
  • New standard view "Helicopter" takes the board to its zenith
  • New coach function: put all or individual attendees in observation mode
  • Figures can be rotated directly on the angle of view indicator
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