Lines on the board

What for do you need (so many) lines on the board?

  • Divide sectors
  • Establish connections
  • Create separations
  • Divide the presented into groups
  • Map multi-level consulting concepts
  • Depicting past, present and future
  • Working on the Circles of Influence
  • etc…

You can either proceed with the lines being drawn on the board first and possibly disappearing in the course of the process, or the other way round: the lines subdivide a depicted situation and thus create even more clarity and distinctness.

Working with lines requires two things from the consultant:

The joy of a creative counselling process and the secure handling of the line functions of the online-Constellation-Board. Both is simply a matter of practice. However, if this is achieved, then the counsellor is in a position to take completely new paths in counselling!

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