Improved “Look here” function

“Have a look!”

One of the most important interventions on the online-constellation-board! Of it and with it the board lives! This fact was taken into account already for a long time, in that all on the board present could make their individual view on the board available to all others “in the room”. A click on the small eye symbol at the bottom right and all were beamed into the view of the sender.

But what if I don’t like it? What if I – thank you very much, but NO thank you – don’t like to leave my view right now because it is so precious to me right now?

This is now different! Both inviters and invitees are now asked whether they want to take or share ‘s view. Why are those who want to share their board view also asked? Well – too often we’ve had it happen that suddenly everyone had ‘s view and then came a stuttering “Uhhhm – ‘Sorry! Got it wrong!”

Preserving the autonomy of the participants must be the highest requirement of a professional process – and thus of a professional tool!

Another step of the online-constellation-board in its development into a professional tool for professionals.

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