General terms and conditions

1.1 Constellation Board and online-Constellation-Board – Georg Breiner (hereinafter referred to as “Online-Constellation-Board”), offers the use of an online tool for systemic constellation by consultants. Online-Constellation-Board itself does not offer any consulting and is not responsible for the content of the performed consultations.

1.2 Contractual partners (hereinafter referred to as “client”) are those persons who register as users on the site and use the online tool offered there for consultation.

1.3 “Client” is a person to whom the customer – using the online tool – offers a consultation, this does not create a contractual relationship between the client and Online-Constellation-Board.

2. Scope of application
2.1 For all business relations between Online-Constellation-Board and the customer, including for example the provision of services free of charge in the course of test phases, these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) shall apply exclusively.

2.2 Conflicting terms and conditions of the customer shall only be valid if they are expressly accepted by Online-Constellation-Board in writing.

2.3 In addition to these GTC, the current price lists of Online-Constellation-Board (available at ) shall apply, as well as any other individually agreed contractual provisions in written form (signature). Informal declarations by Online-Constellation-Board (also by e-mail) are not binding.

2.4 These GTC can be changed by Online-Constellation-Board at any time at its own discretion. Such a change must be notified to the customer by e-mail and is valid vis-à-vis the customer after two months. The customer is entitled to object to the change in writing within four weeks after receipt of the e-mail. If the customer does not object, the amendment shall be deemed accepted and binding. Online-Constellation-Board will point out the possibility of objection and the aforementioned legal consequences separately in the notification e-mail.

3. Services of Online-Constellation-Board
3.1 Online-Constellation-Board offers an online tool for customers who wish to offer their clients the possibility of online constellations by using the Constellation Board (hereinafter referred to as “product”).

3.2 The user interface for the board management is provided by The GTC of this provider apply in the current version, which can be found at The storage of the client’s data takes place on the servers of the European data center within the European Union (EU) of “Amazon Web Services, Inc., P.O. Box, 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226”, (server location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany), which is provided as a service in the form of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) via the medium Internet, by the Contractor.

4. Duties of the Customer
4.1 In order to be able to use the products offered by Online-Constellation-Board, each customer must register in advance at, define access data and provide the required data (name, contact, payment data, etc.) and define a user name. Registration may not be made using false data. Only the person in whose name the account is registered is authorized to use the service of Online-Constellation-Board.

4.2 The customer undertakes not to use any technical equipment, software or other data that could lead to an impairment of the system of Online-Constellation-Board. In particular, the customer is not permitted to make unauthorized changes to the product.

4.3 Access to Online-Constellation-Board products may not be misused by the customer, transferred or sold to third parties against payment or free of charge, or traded in any other way.

4.4 The customer is fully responsible for any use and / or other activity on, which is carried out under his access data. The customer undertakes not to use the product or the provided service and storage space, in particular, for the storage or distribution of illegal content.

4.5 The customer undertakes not to use the product in any way or to provide it to others in any way that could lead to the impairment of third parties or pose a security or operational risk for Online-Constellation-Board. The customer shall fully indemnify and hold Online-Constellation-Board harmless from any claims by third parties due to the violation of these obligations.

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