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Georg Breiner has this to say about the online-Constellation-Board:

For ambitious middle to senior managers who are confronted with new, complex challenges on a daily basis, the online-Constellation-Board proves to be an invaluable key tool. This tool revolutionises the way we deal with complex issues and brings a new dynamic to management work by providing consistent support at a strategic level.

In my role as a specialised management consultant who works intensively with decision-makers, I have experienced the transformative power of innovative tools time and time again. The online-Constellation-Board stands out as an exceptional instrument that sustainably modernises and improves the methodology of how managers develop effective strategies and lead teams with foresight.

More than just a platform

The online-Constellation-Board is not just a technological innovation, it is an interactive environment that makes it possible to break through spatial boundaries and present complex relationships clearly and visually. This ability is particularly valuable in management, where precise information and visualisations are crucial, because good decisions very often have to be made with highly inadequate information.


Strategy development at the highest level

For management teams, the online-Constellation-Board is an excellent way to design and refine strategies. It enables business scenarios to be modelled, opportunities to be recognised and risks to be identified at an early stage. Interactive collaboration in real time can speed up decision-making processes and achieve comprehensive inclusion of all perspectives - even in teams operating on different continents.


Self-coaching for managers

Self-coaching is a crucial tool for managers to be successful in a dynamic environment. Those who think well and accurately are simply more confident and clearer in their plans and therefore more successful and more pleasant and relaxed as managers.

The online-Constellation-Board opens up new dimensions in this area. It offers an intuitive platform for visualising decisions, preparing presentations and discussions and mastering complex challenges. This technology makes it possible to continuously improve one's own leadership style and maximise personal effectiveness.

Contemporary co-working and co-creating

The online-Constellation-Board brings all the benefits of modern collaboration. Regardless of whether you are sitting together in the same room or on the other side of the globe, meetings, workshops and discussions become faster, more effective and more efficient through visualisation. The common centre of conversation and thought immediately creates a common picture - in the truest sense of the word.

Expanding leadership skills

The online-Constellation-Board is an indispensable tool for leadership development. It enables the creation of individual development plans, emphasises strengths and identifies areas for further growth. The visualisation of leadership skills and team dynamics creates a learning environment that deepens understanding and maximises the potential of each individual.


Collaboration and communication at the highest level

The online-Constellation-Board promotes effective collaboration and communication in management. The possibility of real-time multimedia interaction creates a new level of exchange between managers, consultants or teams.

The online-Constellation-Board is more than just a tool - it is a revolution in communication. Understand better and be better understood. A matter of course with the online-Constellation-Board.

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