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fotw volltextsuche in allen sitzungen

Full text search in all sessions

“How am I going to find all the sessions related to client X?” If you use the online-constellation-board diligently, you will create many sessions and boards. It’s easy to lose […]

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fotw multiuser bewegung in echtzeit

Multiuser: Real-time movement

All figures on the online-constellation-board now move in real time and simultaneously WITH ALL PARTICIPANTS looking at the same board at the same time. Each participant can thus immediately see […]

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fotw verbesstere schau mal funktion

Improved “Look here” function

“Have a look!” One of the most important interventions on the online-constellation-board! Of it and with it the board lives! This fact was taken into account already for a long […]

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fotw sonderfigur wichtel

Special figure “Wizard’

Again and again a special factor is needed in a constellation or visualization. Something that is completely different, just extraordinary. It is often the case that this factor is beyond […]

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fotw neues figurendepot

New figure depot

Would you like a little more…? We are already preparing the online-constellation-board for the arrival of new figures! To ensure that the “newcomers” all find a good place, we have […]

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fotw aussenlinien schaltbar

Outside line now switchable

“What are these outer lines for?” is often asked when working with the online-constellation-board. If you search the literature, you will come across answers that are somehow obvious: Mostly, these […]

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fotw redesign figuren und brett

Redesign of figures and board

With the new board version we have made some adjustments to the figures and the user interface. We are always happy about feedback and suggestions! What do you like best […]

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fotw blickwinkelanzeige bei figur

Viewing angle display for figure

What is he looking at? – What does he see there? Two of the central questions of systemic visualization work are very easy to answer with the online system board: […]

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fotw gesicht schaltbar

Faces toggleable

The faces of the characters are now toggleable. What is THAT good for? Well, so-called “pure poles” do not have to have an alignment. What is “love” looking at…? What […]

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fotw brett bewegen

Shift view of board sideways

Today we have a very special gourmet treat: The first video that briefly and crisply shows how to operate one of the functions on the online system board. And because […]

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