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Here you will find useful information on registering, using and operating the online-Constellation-Board. If you can't find something - just write to us! We will be happy to help you.

First steps with the online-Constellation-Board on video

It's particularly easy to get started with our crisp functional videos. Take a look here:

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Free startup-trainings

Take two hours of your time and you will get a quick, comprehensive and meaningful introduction to working with the online-Constellation-Board. Our startup trainings are important to us and we make sure that your time is well spent. You will be presented with all the prerequisites for successful work with the online-Constellation-Board. Short - crisp - and to the point.

...and, of course, free of charge and without any further obligations. On the contrary! We also include discount vouchers for seminars and courses in the startup trainings!

Get your free account with the online-Constellation-Board

With a very simple registration process, you will quickly get your personalised access to your account and therefore to your dashboard - the administration interface where you can manage all your sessions and boards.

Click here on "Register now" and fill out the simple form. An email will arrive in your mailbox. Click on the verification link in this email and you're ready to go!

Once you've registered, you'll immediately have 3 hours to try it out free of charge and without obligation!

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First steps with the online-constellation-board

We have created very good starter videos hat will get you up and running in no time!

However, nothing beats good, detailed and customised startup trainings! Here you will learn everything you need to operate the system perfectly live from absolute professionals. Two online hours that are worthwhile and free of charge.

If you prefer reading to watching videos or are in an online meeting, you will find very good instructions on how to create a session, conduct consultations, how to set up and operate the system and how to find your way around the dashboard in general under Help in your dashboard - your online-Constellation-Board administration interface.

Of course, you can also contact us quickly and effectively by e-mail!

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Practice and experimentation evenings

Do you have unanswered questions or are you not quite sure how to use the online-Constellation-Board? Do you want to try out new ideas and exchange ideas with other community members? Do you just want to practise and make a few mistakes in a pleasant atmosphere with like-minded people? Would you like to know how others "do it"?
You've come to the right place!
Everyone brings something to the practice evenings and the result is a great, instructive time.


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We'll show you how! The online-Constellation-Board Academy

Here you will get to know the online-Constellation-Board and all its possible applications. If you wish, we can even train you to become a certified online-Constellation-Board consultant! We emphasise the highest level of professionalism and only bring in the best and most experienced lecturers, because...

... our goal is to make YOU more successful!

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You have further questions about the online-constellation-board?

Please let us know if you miss anything in the instructions or if there is anything else we can do to help you work with your online-Constellation-Board. We are already looking forward to hearing from you and will keep a close eye on our inbox at

Get power training from the TOP professionals!

Why not get off to a really time-efficient and high-calibre start? Georg Breiner, the inventor, CEO and mastermind of the online-Constellation-Board and Susanne Kogler, the COO of the online-Constellation-Board, also make their expertise available in individual training sessions. If time is of the essence and maximum learning efficiency is at the top of your list of requirements, then it makes sense to go directly to the top experts. Get in touch and ask what the conditions are like. It costs less than you might think and certainly brings more than you might believe. Just mail or call us!


Nimm dir ein bisschen Zeit, um das online-Systembrett kennen zu lernen.

Klick einfach überall drauf und schau was passiert. Mach dir keine Sorgen - du kannst nichts kaputt machen - das System ist sehr stabil. Und wenn doch mal etwas Unverständliches passiert- macht nix. Wir sind da.

Probier einfach alles in aller Ruhe aus!

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