The online-Constellation-Board - limitless application possibilities:

Expand your own method toolbox. Solve challenges more efficiently by changing perspectives. Keep your finger on the pulse and make communication visible and therefore easier to understand. And don't forget to use the online-Constellation-Board for yourself when it comes to making the right decisions, finding clarity in your approach or simply being better understood.

Deeper understanding and better results

Visualise complex relationships, develop creative solutions and precisely track the progress of your strategies. Our tool helps you to create customised solutions and ensure sustainable success in both management consulting and personal coaching.

Increase the effectiveness and impact of your consulting with the online-Constellation-Board. This tool enriches your variety of methods and helps you to grow professionally and personally.

Experience the future of your counselling work today.

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Create clarity with the online-Constellation-Board

As a manager, you need to lead with foresight and clarity. You can do this by utilising the full power of the online-Constellation-Board. Visualise strategies, identify trends and shape your path to success. Use this innovative tool to make decisions that move you and your team forward. Increase your success and your understanding of processes, impact chains and teams. Then you will lead more clearly and efficiently. The online-Constellation-Board is your key to excelling in all aspects of leadership - from team management to strategic planning.

Increase your leadership efficiency and clarity with the online-Constellation-Board.

Creative design - better understanding

Inspiration and innovation are the key words when it comes to inspiring your participants and taking your training methods to a new level. With the online-Constellation-Board, all doors open to a world in which effective teaching and learning is not only possible, but also exciting and interactive.

This versatile tool enables you to visualise content clearly, promote interactive discussions and spark creative ideas among participants.

Discover the future of effective teaching and learning!

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Unleash your full potential

With this tool, you can visualise your goals, recognise the path to them, actively work on your development, find creative solutions to challenges and identify development areas for your personal growth. Create individual strategies and document your progress on your virtual constellation board. In this way, you can drive your self-development and achieve more in all areas of your life.

If you need support, your professional coach will be at your side on the online-Constellation-Board to help you even faster and more effectively.

Immerse yourself in the future of your personal development - today!

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Wir zeigen dir wie!

In der online-Systembrett Akademie

Lerne schnell, detailliert und praxisnah die Welt des online-Systembretts und alle seine Einsatzmöglichkeiten kennen. Unsere Vortragenden sind Experten auf ihrem Gebiet und verstehen es hervorragend, ihr Wissen zu vermitteln. Sie achten darauf, dass du dich ständig verbesserst! Denn...

...unser Ziel ist es, DICH erfolgreicher zu machen!

Wir haben hohe Qualitätsansprüche an Inhalte, Vortragende und Studierende. Um diese Qualität auch langfristig zu sichern, haben wir ein Zertifizierungsprogramm aufgesetzt: das online-Systembrett Professional Zertifikat. Vielleicht ein Ziel für dich?


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Very tangible advantages

The optimisation of communication not only in coaching and counselling, but in almost every area of solution finding through the visual representation on the online-Constellation-Board is based on concretely researched scientific principles and findings from psychology, neurology and communication science.

Do you still have questions? We are happy to help and advise you individually on the desired area of application!

Test the online-Constellation-Board without obligation!

Do you still have questions? We are happy to help and advise you individually on the desired area of application!

Und für den optimalen Start bieten wir regelmäßig kostenfreie Startschulungen an. Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Why our customers rely on the online-Constellation-Board

I love my international coaching work. And it used to take a lot of strength and energy for me. Today, when travelling has become more costly than ever, I enjoy going into my virtual practice and working with my clients online. Regardless of whether they are based in Germany, Switzerland or Holland. The online-Constellation-Board makes it possible! It offers such incredible added value!

Axel B.
Board- & Executive Coach

I think it's great that the board also has the same look and feel virtually - if you've already worked with clients, they'll be familiar with the board and it might be even easier to transfer it to the virtual world. I think it makes a great impression ... thank you for this opportunity!

Martina S.
Systemic coach from Munich

I was really surprised during the first sessions how emotional many of the images had an effect on my clients. I wouldn't have thought it possible that online counselling is even more emotional than face-to-face counselling ...

Gerhard K.
Coach from lower Austria

What a stress it used to be - driving to the airport ... looking for a parking space ... checking in ... arriving ... driving to the customer ... then a few coaching slots ... and then everything back again ... Travelling time: 7 hours; coaching time: a fraction of that ... Today I'm one click away from my client ...

Reinhard K.
Business-coach from Salzburg

The online-Constellation-Board is intuitive and immediately gives my clients a good feeling. This feeling of security naturally has an effect on me too, creating a light, relaxed yet solution-focussed atmosphere. Almost playful in a way. I can absolutely recommend it!

Sabine P.
Constellator from Vienna

I attended the -Constellation-Board seminar "Bauch meets Hirn" with Georg Breiner and Wolfgang Polt. That was years ago and was of course still a face-to-face seminar. I have fond memories of both of them and the -Constellation-Board has been a permanent fixture in my practice ever since. Now I have seen that there is an online version of the -Constellation-Board. I have tried it and am delighted! Simple, intuitive, high quality and highly effective! I love it!

Inga Boll
Systemic consultant from Berlin
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