concentric circles on the board

What goes square, must also go round! Just as there are squares of different sizes on the board, it is of course also possible to arrange circles concentrically.

What do you need it for? To create round, well contiguous surfaces that have a common center. There are quite a few applications for this in coaching and consulting. For example:

  • Circles of Influence (Direct Access, Indirect Access, No Access)
  • Past, present, future
  • helpful, neutral, disturbing
  • 3 dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, ecological)
  • All traffic light models (Red – Yellow – Green models)
  • Body – Mind – Soul Model

The 3 Circles of Influence, for example, are excellent to work with when clients either overestimate or underestimate their effectiveness. Together with the coach, each figure is calmly discussed, evaluated and, if necessary, changed. “What all do you have in your direct access? Your boss? Your wife? Your body? Your daily schedule? Your diet?…”

Depending on which category the mentioned falls into, the place of the respective figure changes…

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