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fotw action menu reagiert auf tablet 1 copy

Action menu reacts to tablet

Right-clicking with the mouse is not difficult – but when working on a tablet, the question arises: How do I reach the context menu there? To ensure that all functions […]

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Systembrett von oben

Default view ‘Helicopter”

Getting the perfect overview is one of the special strengths of the online-constellation-board. So that the client does not have to fiddle so much with the viewing angles, there are […]

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sitzungen versenden

send sessions

In case you haven’t noticed yet: Now it is possible to copy sessions from one account to another! The prerequisite is that both “sender” and “receiver” have an online-constellation-board account. […]

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brett leeren

Clear board

Very often, especially in team development, you want to give the participants the opportunity to explore the board and its functions ‘playfully’. But then you also have a lot of […]

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Duplicate figures

A very practical function is the duplication of figures. Sometimes you need several representatives to represent a set or a group that should be in close proximity to each other. […]

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fotw linien

Lines on the board

Why do you need so many lines on the board? Divide sectors Establish connections Create separations Divide the presented into groups Map multi-level consulting concepts Past-Present-Future Circles of Influence … […]

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sitzung versendenjpg fotos 2

Send sessions

We have added an ingenious new feature to the online-constellation-board. Now it is possible to copy sessions from one account to another! The prerequisite for this is that both “sender” […]

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2022 07 24 21 54 52 inbox von online systembrett fotw bezeichnung gewahlte figur rahmen copy

Name of the selected figure

The name of the currently selected figure is now displayed legibly at all times in the center at the bottom of the screen. This makes it even easier to maintain […]

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Preparations for negotiations with the online-constellation-board

How should we proceed? What do we have to pay attention to? What strategy should we adopt? Constantly something is agreed with others: Construction negotiations Purchase negotiations Price negotiations Salary […]

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online systembrett 1

Team and group conflicts

When identifying deficits or unfavorable processes in a group, in a family or in a team, one is always faced with the same questions: How is it that we act […]

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