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Discover the transformative power of the online-Constellation-Board - ground-breaking innovation that is reshaping the landscape of professional counselling, therapy and mediation. It is becoming an indispensable part of the repertoire of professionals. It opens up impressive new possibilities to support clients even more comprehensively and effectively.

The online-Constellation-Board goes far beyond traditional methods by providing a visual and interactive platform for collaborative discovery. It allows us to visualise and work on complex relationships and processes systemically and intuitively, facilitating innovative and constructive interventions in a multitude of areas.

Counselling and coaching

The online-Constellation-Board enables a detailed analysis of personal situations, goals and options for action in coaching and individual counselling. It supports clients in visualising their challenges and developing creative solutions with surprising ease.


Family therapy and other forms of therapy

When used in therapy, the online-Constellation-Board enables an in-depth analysis of personal problems, resources and obstacles. It helps clients to visualise their situations and thus creates the conditions for recognising solutions - which in turn promotes the experience of self-efficacy and empowerment.


Constellation work

The online-Constellation-Board opens up new possibilities for constellation hosts in systemic constellation work. It makes it possible to bridge physical distances and visualise the dynamic relationships between the elements. This contributes to a precise and effective constellation process and even makes multidimensional relationships transparent and understandable.


Couples counselling

In couples counselling, the online-Constellation-Board is an invaluable tool for overcoming communication barriers and clarifying relationship issues. It enables couples to visualise their individual needs, wishes and expectations and to develop shared perspectives. It has a connecting and playful effect - yet it is highly effective because it promotes co-operation between the couple and enables a joint result as the basis for a good future.


Mediation and conflict resolution

For mediators, the online-Constellation-Board offers an effective method for structuring complex conflicts and identifying possible solutions. It clearly visualises the different points of view, interests and possible compromises, which increases the chances of reaching a sustainable agreement. Its de-escalating effect supports the process and creates a new platform for interactive, joint exploration of meaningful conflict resolution options.


Supervision and professional education

In the area of supervision and professional education, the online-Constellation-Board is a particularly valuable tool because it is interactive. It enables prospective counsellors and therapists to analyse case studies in a practical way and gain a deeper understanding of systemic interventions.


Management counselling

In management consulting, the online-Constellation-Board is a powerful tool, not only in the areas of strategy development and team development. It enables an interactive and visual representation of complex business scenarios and leads to profound insights and a clear strategy formulation.

Collaboration in real time - even from any location - means that even decentralised teams can work together more effectively and develop creative solutions. It promotes clear communication, improves decision-making and strengthens strategy implementation. Overall, the online-Constellation-Board offers an efficient method for designing successful business processes and aligning the team towards common goals.



At a time when digital technologies are increasingly influencing consulting practice, the online-Constellation-Board is a key tool.

It enriches the work of counsellors, therapists and mediators by making complex relationships visible and enabling effective intervention strategies. The combination of proven methods and innovative technologies creates sustainable change and enriches the interaction between professionals and clients in a meaningful way.

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