The team behind the online-Constellation-Board

We are convinced that the online-Constellation-Board is a helpful tool for mapping increasingly complex environments and ever faster changes. That's why we use it constantly in our everyday work. And we are constantly developing it further: from practice - for practice.

We are convinced that good communication and an appreciative attitude are the basis of every relationship - both within the team and with our customers. We appreciate all the valuable ideas, contributions and encouragement from our online-Constellation-Board community.

It is important to us not only to be available, but also to listen carefully to all questions, requests and suggestions!

So: how can we support you? Please just get in touch!

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Georg Breiner

Mastermind and initiator, experienced business coach, -Constellation-Board consultant with several hundred -Constellation-Board constellations in his wealth of experience, long-standing trainer and internationally esteemed lecturer. He is the innovative driving force behind the continuous development of the online-Constellation-Board.

The direct line: +43 676 390 2900

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Susanne Kogler

Head of online-Constellation-Board support and angel of the community. An experienced counsellor who is always in a good mood and full of new ideas. In the German startup trainings she conveys her honest enthusiasm for the online-Constellation-Board - which she knows how to handle masterfully in every situation.

The direct line: +43 676 78 023 78

Susi web1

Susi Wild

The 'other' Susanne: the good humour is shared, but Susi does everything that Susanne doesn't like at all. Not just accepting the abbreviation of her name - but also bookkeeping.

Renee web1

Renee Grabner

Task juggler, counsellor and social media coordinator, she supports the team here and there and connects it with customers and the outside world.

Mirko web1

Miroslav Dzunda

Bravely fights his way through the daily mail jungle and makes sure that all accesses work reliably. And in between, he lives out his passion for Excel spreadsheets.

Annika web1

Annika Ullrich

Not only brilliant consultant, with her management experience and marketing knowledge a great asset to the team!


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