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About us

The people behind the online-constellation-board

It is important to us not only to be available, but also to listen carefully to all questions, requests and suggestions! So if we can assist somewhere - just get in touch...

georg breiner

Georg Breiner

Mastermind and initiator, constellation-board consultant with several hundred board constellations in his (online) wealth of experience, international lecturer and driving force behind the further development of the online-constellation-board ...

The direct line: +43 676 390 2900

susanne kogler

Susanne Kogler

Head of online-constellation-board support and angel of the community. Always ready and in a good mood, she provides us all with great ideas. Additionally, she is a brilliant system board expert....

The direct line: +43 676 78 023 78

Maximilian Feistauer

Maximilian Feistauer

As a technically skilled good-mood representative of the online-constellation-board, he complements our backoffice team. The whole team benefits from his legal knowledge and his enriching know-how.

Renee Grabner

Renee Grabner

Task juggler, advisor and social media coordinator, sometimes here sometimes there she supports the team and connects them with the customers and the outside world.


Ivan Popovic

Ivan keeps the developers staing tuned, as the spokesman for the technical side he keeps the gears turning. "On the side" he challenges the ideas of Georg and Susanne as a sparring partner.


Jan Peer Stöcklmair

Jan brings all the good ideas and suggestions into reality and ensures that they are experienced first hand by constantly optimizing the board itself. A true board magician!


Lukas Aichbauer

Lukas pulls the strings behind the scenes, wherever the technology of the online-constellation-board extends, Lukas works restlessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Susi Wild

The 'other' Susanne - the good humor is shared, but Susi does everything Susanne so not at all like - not only, accept the abbreviation of her name - but also accounting.

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