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The online-Constellation-Board: Unlimited advantages

Connecting people. Creating solutions.
Across all borders. Right away and without tiresome traveling. With all the advantages, with your online-Constellation-Board.

Solutions–unlimited.        Results–timeless.       Constellation-Board – magnificent

Advantages of Online Consultation

Independent in time and space. Freedom for consultants and clients. Solutions wherever and whenever.

From luxury to necessity.

Advantages of the online-Constellation-Board

Safe and protective spaces and structures in uncertain and challenging times.

Connecting people – in one solution space.

Georg Breiner with the Constellation Board

Years of Experience

Georg Breiner, the mastermind behind the online-Constellation-Board. Constellation-Board expert, bestselling author, coach, and  consultant. He has been developing the Constellation-Board for years – now also virtually.

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Dr. Friedrich Assländer - Lehrtrainer Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen

Dr. Friedrich Assländer

Talking is silver, constellation is gold and the online-Constellation-Board is the optimal jewellery box, whether physical or now also virtual. Georg Breiner has now also created an optimal online tool, which - most importantly - is easy to use and yet allows a spatial idea, thus combining the advantages of 2D and 3D. For me, after 30 years of presence constellations, the online-Constellation-Board for the trainings is the ideal tool for my practice groups and at the same time the possibility to quickly constellate something, e.g. also during online coaching, or to invite a few representatives for a client topic.

Dr. Friedrich Assländer

Infosyon Master Trainer
Teaching trainer for the German Society for Constellations
Author of several bestsellers

Katrina Barry

This innovative tool is exactly what we constellation-coaches need now, and what will continue to support us very well into the future with constellation work. It has a lot of features and yet is still intuitive to use. You can tell that it is derived from the daily practice of a practitioner for practitioners. I really enjoy working successfully with it myself.

Katrina Barry

Founder of “kirchbaumer consulting”
Chair of INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organisations)
certified systemic consultant and constellations coach (ICI & ECA)
Systemic Structure Constellation (SySt Institute)

Romy Gerhard - System installer Infosyon Master Trainer Online Constellation Specialist

Romy Gehard

"I was involved in the development of the online-Constellation-Board right from the start. For me, it is the connection between 2D and 3D configurations in virtual space. It is excellently implemented, highly functional and thought through to the end. I work with it very often and love to achieve perfect results with it. "

Romy Gerhard

CEO of Radical Business Innovation AG, Swiss Institute for Constellations in Business
Founder of WE DISCOVER PURPOSE, the conference for Purpose Constellations
Infosyon Master Trainer
Online Constellation Specialist

Stephanie Hartung

While researching my book “Online Constellations”, I came across the online-Constellation-Board by Georg Breiner. I am impressed by the consistent implementation and the perfection with which an excellent presence setting tool was reinvented for the virtual world. I've compared a lot. I give the online-Constellation-Board top marks. I can unreservedly recommend the online-Constellation-Board .

Stephanie Hartung

Head of the field institute in Cologne
University lecturer for agile organizational development
Teaching trainer for system and organizational constellations
Vice-Chair of ISCA (International Systemic Constellation Association)
Recognized trainer for the German Society for System Constellations
Author of the standard works “Online Constellations”, “Textbook of System Constellations”, “Theory and Practice of Organisational Constellations”, “Why Do Constellations Work?”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ

More and more I find myself using a Constellation Board in research. Interviews with experts that take place on the Constellation Board lead to significantly interesting results, because sharing experiences and reflecting on experiences takes place at the same time through the basis of the Constellation. A tool as clear and aesthetic as developed by Georg Breiner is very helpful. It generates a real curiosity, especially among people in business.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ

Professor for business administration, especially sustainable management at the University of Bremen
Member of the board of INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations)
International lecturer on the topic of organizational constellations
Author of over 150 articles, books a. Conference contributions

Join the many other consultants and coaches, operators and trainers, psychologists and supervisors: get the key to your virtual practice with the online-Constellation-Board now!

It is the key to your practice and a key to a whole new life!

The online-Constellation-Board is the preferred training and cooperation partner of:

The online-Constellation-Board: see for yourself!

Here you find helpful technical information on working with the online-Constellation-Board.  The online-Constellation-Board is currently * NOT * being developed for smartphone use

Runs on the following devices:

online-Systembrett läuft auf Laptop      online-Systembrett läuft auf PC      online-Systembrett läuft auf Tablet

Runs on following
Operating Systems:

  Windows  Apple
Android IOS

Runs in following Browsers:

 Chrome   FireFox   Edge
Safari Opera Vivaldi

Online consulting: It's that easy!

From the consultant’s point of view:

  • You communicate with your client with the tool of your choice (ZOOM, Skype, …)
  • You invite your client to the online-Constellation-Board with a link for your virtual practice space
  • You gain security because you can use your computer for research during the session (tips, hints, examples, data, processes, systemic questions, content from the Internet …)
  • If a client wishes, you can record and save sessions then continue them again, regardless of the device.
  • The “take a look” feature brings everyone present to a specific board view.

From your client’s point of view:

  • Easily zoom, move and rotate the online-Constellation-Board.
  • Diverse representation variants of representatives (different colored figures and objects.)
  • Change the size of the representatives at any time.
  • There are always enough representatives.
  • Simple removal of a representative from the figure pool.
  • Easy positioning of representatives on the board.
  • Simply turn the pieces on the board.
  • Look into the system from the perspective of a figure: simply by double-clicking.
  • Simple naming of a representative using name tags
  • The direction of view for a representative is recognisable at any time.

Do you want to get started? We also offer Constellation-Board training!

Do you work in a consulting profession and would like to learn more about the enriching method of solutions with the Constellation-Board in theory and practice?

In our seminars in Austria, Germany and Switzerland or online you will receive answers to questions that you have not had yet.

The online-Constellation-Board …

... gives me and my clients freedom!

Regardless of your client’s location, the online-Constellation-Board gives you the opportunity to offer consulting, coaching, therapy and supervision or similar

The best thing about it is your current location is no longer an exclusion for this encounter.

Experience unlimited freedom and independence with the online-Constellation-Board:

  • No more travel time for consultants
  • No more travel time for clients or participants
  • No room booking is required
  • Wherever you and your client are: unlimited encounters take place
  • “Yes! We‘re open!”: Encounters take place across time zones
  • Experience the life of a digital nomad – working regardless of location

... gives me safety!

Movement restrictions, meeting bans, hygiene regulations and a multitude of other regulations, restrictions and lockdowns… not exactly conducive conditions for coaching, counseling and other forms of therapy in 2020/2021.


People who strive for security through counselling in these challenging times are looking for rooms with structure and order. Your virtual practice with the online-Constellation-Board gives you and your clients exactly this security.

The online-Constellation-Board opens a virtual space

  • which protects and gives security,
  • yet creates great closeness
  • in which encounters are possible even under difficult external conditions
  • for real solutions

... gives me and my clients balance!

How much time and effort was required for consultants in the past to travel to the client and give coaching and/or advice on site? A lifetime that was lost in train stations, airports and hotel lobbies. Physical stress, being constantly on the move, being in a hurry was a trademark of successful coaches and consultants. 70,000 kilometers per year.

Today the online-Constellation-Board helps

  • provide a healthy Work-life balance
  • the possibility of having more time available despite having a larger number of clients.
  • This provides less stress and more balance and harmony for the mind, body and soul.

An enthusiastic advisor: “The online-Constellation-Board gives me a completely new currency: living time!”

... gives me and my clients joy!

Consulting can be easy and can take place in a free time and space easily inviting people to come and find solutions. Help put a smile on the (unmasked) face of the consultant and client …

This is exactly what the online-Constellation-Board does:

  • it gives the advisor and client independence in terms of time and location
  • it provides a safe and secure framework for all consulting topics
  • it invites you to find solutions in a playful way

Solutions will arise from joy rather than from problems!

... gives me and my clients confidence!

As already mentioned: movement restrictions, meeting bans, hygiene regulations, a large number of various restrictions and lockdowns … not exactly conducive framework conditions for coaching, counseling and other forms of therapy in 2020.

Therefore the virtual practice room of the online-Constellation-Board represents the very last possibility for many people to immerse themselves in a trusting room of hope and encouragement, rooms that the world outside can often no longer offer.

The virtual space of the online-Constellation-Board gives your clients confidence:

  • No risk of infection: colds, Covid, etc.
  • Participation despite slight illness / quarantine
  • Lower inhibition threshold for participation

... is no longer a luxury, but a pure necessity!

Words from an enthusiastic user of the online-Constellation-Board who has been using it from the very beginning.

Johann P, coach and supervisor from Graz: “What do I think of the online-Constellation-Board? It was a necessity at first, because I had to move my sessions to online; after that it was something more of an option. But today it has become my very own freedom tool! Whenever customers need coaching, I can be there for them basically 24/7! That is wonderful!”

... is of high quality!

Matured in elegance and function. Developed by experts for demanding users.

Here are a few features that inspire coaches and clients:

  • Unlimited number of figures
  • Diverse figures and colors, adaptable for the intended use
  • Figures scalable in size (5 levels, seamless in the future)
  • Represented perception: look into the system from the point of view of the figure
  • Representatives can be named (name tags)
  • Help points (contextual help, user help)
  • Zoom options (view)
  • Saving and resuming sessions
  • The “take a look” feature brings everyone present to a specific board view

A surprised coach: “This online-Constellation-Board offers even more options than the offline board! Impressive!”

... invites to see solutions

The online-Constellation-Board:

  • Gives form to the formless
  • Makes the invisible visible
  • Utters the unspeakable
  • Makes room for a good order
  • Makes the incomprehensible understandable
  • Recognises solutions instead of problems

Your systemic compensation

Whether you want to get to know each other without obligation, visit again and again or permanently change your practice address: Your online-Constellation-Board welcomes you and your clients!

The practice space is virtual – the solutions are real!

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A brief note and a request on our own behalf:

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We are happy to do this – from the heart – and with a smile.

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Fairplay is our game.

Who is behind the online-Constellation-Board?

We are constantly working on improving the online-Constellation-Board. Contact us directly and let us know your suggestions!

Why coaches trust us

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Enjoy the advantages of the online-Constellation-Board. Invite your clients to a space of safety AND freedom.

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