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Georg Breiner with the Constellation Board

Years of Experience

Georg Breiner, the mastermind behind the online-Constellation-Board. Constellation-Board expert, bestselling author, Coach, and  Consultant. He has been developing the Constellation-Board for years – now also virtually.

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Friedrich Asslaender

Dr. Friedrich Assländer

Infosyon Master Trainer and Author

Talking is silver, constellation is gold and the online system board is the optimal jewelry box whether physical or now also virtual.Georg Breiner has now also created an optimal instrument online, which - very important - is easy to use and yet allows a spatial idea, so the advantages of 2D and 3D combined. For me, after 30 years of presence constellations, the online system board for the trainings is the ideal tool for my practice groups and at the same time the possibility to quickly, e.g. also during online coaching, constellate something or invite a few representatives for a client topic.Dr. Friedrich AssländerInfosyon Master TrainerTeaching Trainer German Society for System ConstellationsAuthor of several Bestsellers
Katrina Barry

Katrina Barry

Founder, Chairwoman of INFOSYON

This innovative tool is exactly what we constellators need now and what will support us very well in constellation work in the future. It has a lot of functions and yet is intuitive to use. You can see that it has been developed from the daily practice of constellators for constellators.

Katarina Barry
Founder of "kirchbaumer consulting "
Chairwoman of INFOSYON (International Forum for Systemic Constellations in Organizations)
Certified Systemic Consultant and Systemic Coach (ICI &ECA)
Systemic Structural Constellator (SySt Institute)

Romy Gerhard

Romy Gerhard

Founder, Author, Constellation Specialist

"I was involved in the development of the online system board from the beginning. For me it is the connection between 2D and 3D constellations in virtual space. It is excellently implemented, highly functional and thought through to the end. I love to work with it very often and achieve perfect results."Romy GerhardCEO of Radical Business Innovation AG, the Swiss Institute for Constellations in BusinessFounder of WE DISCOVER PURPOSE, the conference for purpose constellationsExpert for online constellationsQuality expert for professional constellationsAuthor and co-author of several books
Stepahnie Hartung

Stephanie Hartung

Head of the field institute in Cologne

While researching my book “Online Constellations”, I came across the online-Constellation-Board by Georg Breiner. I am impressed by the consistent implementation and the perfection with which an excellent presence setting tool was reinvented for the virtual world. I've compared a lot. I give the online-Constellation-Board top marks. I can unreservedly recommend the online-Constellation-Board.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ

Professor, Board-Member of INFOSYON

More and more I find myself using a Constellation Board in research. Interviews with experts that take place on the Constellation Board lead to significantly interesting results, because sharing experiences and reflecting on experiences takes place at the same time through the basis of the Constellation. A tool as clear and aesthetic as developed by Georg Breiner is very helpful. It generates a real curiosity, especially among people in business.

Thorsten Visbal

Teamdeveloper, Mediator und Manging direktor of Teamworks GTQ GmbH

I am heavily excited about the possibilities: Board depth, interior view, figure movement add eye contact, blending.... Grandiose! Why do I rate the online version with 110% instead of "only" 100%? Because I experience the possibilities of use even greater than offline: Besides mediation, collegial case consulting, supervision and team development, I also like to use it in (strategy) meetings. The feedback of the TeamworksPLUS® training groups is very, very positive every time we work with the online system board.

Mag. Dr. Manuela Mätzener

Founder and Managing Partner of ifub

The ÖfS presented the online system board by Georg Breiner. Subsequently, practice groups were formed among colleagues who had little experience with online tools. Since then, even they like to use the online system board - after only a few practice sessions. Due to its simplicity of use, the online system board allows the content and customer contact to come to the fore - no long training is required for its use. Customers and hosts can easily orient themselves and quickly find their way around the online system board. This facilitates the focus on the central aspects of systemic work. I really enjoy working with it!

Stefan Dörrer

Organizational consultant and psychotherapist, Founder of Perspektiefe

I have been working with the system board since 1990 and I still love the presence constellations. But for me, the online system board is not only an alternative to the real system board, but as a high-quality 3D tool it actually offers some added value. And with all that the online system board can do, it is very easy to use. I especially appreciate the interior view and the easy switching of perspectives. Great job. It not only offers great possibilities for individual work, but is an optimal tool for my training groups, for online - supervisions and peer groups.

Michael Wingenfeld

manager and innovation constellation expert since 1984

I was allowed to take a look at the future functions of the online system board and was immediately enthusiastic. We at aufStellen.onLine have therefore decided to use the new online system board in our DGfS Academy training course "More Effective Constellations and Communication with Media" (http://medienkompetenz.aufstellen.online). It will be a pleasure to teach the participants virtual constellations with such an excellent tool. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with Georg and his team from the online system board.

Sigrid Limberg-Strohmaier

Author, Zendo-Instructor

We live in an exciting time of change. In our Inner Form trainings, we encourage people to enter new territory methodically as well and to explore multidimensional approaches to solutions. Here, working with the online system board supports and inspires the creative processes. The system board creates space for the visualization of contexts, supports the change of perspective and the visual integration of apparent opposites. Our training participants as well as our clients are amazed and enthusiastic.

Peter Klein

Integral Systemics

In the Inner Form teaching system, we have trained over 500 constellation leaders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in conjunction with the Integral Coach. Since 2020 at the latest, online constellations have become an indispensable part of constellation work. Both in individual, group work and the training - ME and WE. With its visual possibilities, the online system board is the leader in constellation work. Especially through the possibility of changing the perspective - inside and outside - So it corresponds to the complexity of an Integral teaching approach.

Carmen Pipola-Steinger

Managing Director tom2 consult

I like to work with the system board - and also online.Apart from the fact that we of course work with the "field" in systemic constellation work, something also happens in the work with the system board, which I call an externalization of the topic. The theme becomes discussable through the arrangement of the participants on the board and the client very often becomes capable of acting, because he can now look at his own themes much more easily from the observer role. This automatically moves us to the meta-position and the issue can be worked on well. It offers the possibility of a common language and often the client already gets ideas how to deal with his issue just from this change of perspective. I am much faster at the cause of what this system is really about and thus new positions and approaches to solutions are found relatively easily.Therefore, I can only recommend the system board of Georg!

Eduard Ulreich

Social pedagogue, Founder of „ZWEI SYSTEME-EINE WELT“

Thank you that I can use the online system board very successfully in individual, couple, family, team, organizational consulting and in training groups. Clients and customers quickly identify with the depicted persons and events. They appreciate clarity and simplicity of the board.... As a coach, I as well as my clients and customers love the stable and easy handling.The online system board makes the search for solutions easier and encourages experimentation. The various possibilities of representation support the counseling process in finding excellent views from different angles.

Svenja Hofert

Author and Head Instructur

Georg is prose - always a poem on his lips, I admire that. And Georg is an innovative nerd who designs and creates. An unusual and unique mixture.I'm impressed by how effective the 3D setups are. My absolute highlight is the online perspective change and the merging of the figures - and how you can discover new things through it.We use the board from the 2nd module in our trainings. The participants learn very quickly and are enthusiastic about the fact that constellations are not only different than in presence, but in parts even better.

Carmen Diebolder

Founder, Author, Expert

I am thrilled with the online system board. It is easy and quick to use for my customers. Seminar content and complex situations can be visualized and made tangible. An ingenious way to actively involve participants in online events, to enable new learning experiences and to create a high level of practical relevance.

Dirk M. Schumacher

Coach, Trainer, Author

I was immediately enthusiastic about the online system board. Georg and his team have developed a tool that seems to have been called for. For a long time online constellations were eyed very skeptically and were almost unthinkable. The experiences with my clients let me marvel again and again, how fast and "deep" they can get into their topics. Online works! The ease of use is a big plus. In trainings and seminars I like to use the online system board for visualization. My highlights for coaching: the inside view (which I consider an absolute added value), followed by the helicopter view.

Dr. Thomas Gehlert

Infosyon Master Trainer, Economist

Virtual time has also arrived in system constellations. Despite the fact that many constellators prefer to work with real people in the room, online work offers wonderful new options. For me, after an intensive search and testing process, the online system board has become the tool of choice for constellations with organizations. In addition to the spatial and thus externalized conception, intuitive and thus inner approaches to complex situations can be wonderfully realized.Aesthetically very appealing, functionally simple also for clients and with numerous options of perspective change, it is very quickly available and helpful in every conceivable consulting and coaching situation.Dr. Thomas GehlertEconomist and Dipl.-Ing.Consultant, trainer and coach with a focus on transformation, strategy and decision-making processesinfosyon Master TrainerDissertation on system constellations and their scientific justification.

Karin Wellbrock

Executive and Team Coach

"Let me give you some context" is usually one of the first sentences when working with my coaching clients in Asia. The Systembrett has become my go-to tool for my clients to let their subconsciousness do the talking. No matter what culture I am working in, the online-Constellation-board is so intuitive and powerful that it works in all of them. In high-context cultures, like Japan, the online-Constellation-board is extremely effective when sorting through the complexities of relationship and challenges. The client can literally move non-important players aside and focus on who or what's important at this moment. The online board is a wonderful addition to virtual coaching and team sessions. Can't do without it!

Karin Wellbrock
Executive and Team Coach
Partner Kay Group K.K.

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Here you find helpful technical information on working with the online-Constellation-Board.  The online-Constellation-Board is currently * NOT * being developed for smartphone use

Runs on the following devices:

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Runs on following Operating Systems:

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Android  IOS

Runs in following Browsers:

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Safari Opera  Vivaldi

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Online Consulting: it's that easy!

From the consultant’s point of view:

  • You communicate with your client with the tool of your choice (ZOOM, Skype, …)
  • You invite your client to the online-Constellation-Board with a link for your virtual practice space
  • You gain security because you can use your computer for research during the session (tips, hints, examples, data, processes, systemic questions, content from the Internet …)
  • If a client wishes, you can record and save sessions then continue them again, regardless of the device.
  • The “look here” feature brings everyone present to a specific board view.

From your client’s point of view:

  • Easily zoom, move and rotate the online-Constellation-Board.
  • Diverse representation variants of representatives (different colored figures and objects.)
  • Change the size of the representatives at any time.
  • There are always enough representatives.
  • Simple removal of a representative from the figure pool.
  • Easy positioning of representatives on the board.
  • Simply turn the pieces on the board.
  • Look into the system from the perspective of a figure: simply by double-clicking.
  • Simple naming of a representative using name tags
  • The direction of view for a representative is recognisable at any time.

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