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constellators international and
warmly welcome you! 

We want you to progress and to be permanently up to date with the latest technical developments! That is why we have agreed on a cooperation with a very promising start-up,

And here is the offer: You will get the Premium Full Version of the online-Constellation-board for SIX months for only ONE Euro!

How does it work?

Four easy steps:

  1. Click here to register at This will set up your account and grant you access to your personal dashboard in which you can organize your account and all of your Constellation-Board sessions.
  2. Buy a subscription for one month for 1 Euro using the link to 'my account' on the left hand side of the dashboard.
  3. Fill in the form on this page below and online-Constellation-Board will extend the duration, of your free subscription. So you receive FIVE ADDITIONAL months on your account at with an unlimited "Premium Full Version" subscription for FREE.
  4. Online-Constellation-Board will confirm the activation of your additional five moths.

... there is magic in every new beginning...


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